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Clint Marsh, Publisher



News Archive

* * * * *

News for 2011

21 December: A very happy holiday season to all Wonderella readers and their families!

11 November: Many thanks to Jim, Haley, and Frank for the great interview with Clint Marsh on Dead Air Paranormal Talk Radio this past weekend.

In other news, Reginald Bakeley has just submitted a manuscript to Conari Press (an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser) for a book to be released next year. As details become available for publication, we will report on them here.

17 September:
The Esoteric Book Conference was wonderful, as always. Thank you to all the organizers, and to everyone who came by the Wonderella table and said hello.

27 August:
Only two weeks until this year’s Esoteric Book Conference. We hope to see you there!

23 July:
The latest issue of The Pamphleteer, dated June 7, is now available for purchase through our Online Store, and this issue’s lead review, of the 109th issue of The Match!, has been added to our Publications Received page.

29 June: Clint Marsh spoke with Christian Day and Lori Bruno of Hex Education about his books The Mentalist’s Handbook and Swami Panchadasi’s Clairvoyance and Occult Powers. Listen to their conversation at the Hex Education podcast site.

9 May: Clint Marsh’s interview on Ripley Radio is available for online listening now at the Ripley Radio website.

2 April: Thank you, everyone who ordered books and requested catalogs through Wonderella in response to the Coast to Coast appearance. All the orders have just been picked up and are on their way, books via Media Mail and catalogs First Class.

1 April: It’s no joke—Mr. Marsh beats The Devil! Thanks to Amazon.com customers, Clint Marsh was able yesterday to realize a long-held dream, knocking The Satanic Bible out of the top position on the New Age Reference charts. See for yourself.

Clint had a terrific interview with George Noory the evening of March 30. It can be heard at the Coast to Coast website in their Show Archive.

30 March: Coast to Coast listeners, tune in at midnight (Pacific) tonight to hear Clint Marsh discuss his works with host George Noory. Clint’s books are for sale on our Books page.

Everyone is welcome to join the Wonderella mailing list and request a printed catalog by sending Clint an email. Be sure to include your mailing address, as it will be sent via the US Postal Service.

23 March: Clairvoyance & Occult Powers is now published and available for sale here at Wonderella.org.

7 February: Red Rock Black Sun has been short-listed for the SF Weekly Artopia: Masterminds Showcase award next week. Tickets available here.

2 February: Weiser Books’ new edition of Swami Panchasasi’s Clairvoyance & Occult Powers (released 1 April) will feature an introduction by Clint Marsh and cover art by Jeff Hoke.

27 January: Will Cloughley announces a forthcoming DVD based on Red Rock Black Sun.

11 January: Jeff Hoke’s The Museum of Lost Wonder is the subject of Jon Carroll’'s column in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.

News for 2010

31 December: Holiday Greetings from Wonderella Printed, and warm wishes for a new year full of good friends, discoveries made, and goals achieved.

19 November: The Museum of Lost Wonder author Jeff Hoke will be speaking as part of the San Francisco Zen Center’s “The Expert’s Mind” series on December 12. You can learn more and buy tickets through the San Francisco Zen Center website.

28 October: The Reading Room has been updated with three stories of spooky childhood encounters by Clint Marsh, excerpted from The Pamphleteer. Have a look.

13 September: Attention all Wizards of the Emerald City! Wonderella will be taking part in the book fair at this weekend’s Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, Washington. Come out and say hello if you can!

10 August: Wonderella Printed and Clint Marsh are now using Twitter to provide glimpses into the processes of publishing and breakfast-making. See for yourself.

9 August: The new issue of The Pamphleteer has been published and is now available for preview and purchase.

10 June: Red Rock Black Sun author and artist Will Cloughley will be visiting 7 Generations Studios later this month to read and record for a multimedia project based on his book.

31 May: We are pleased to announce the publication of the 2010 Wonderella Printed Curiosity Catalog, celebrating 17 years of esoteric pamphleteering! To request your free copy, visit the Curiosity Catalog page.

19 March: We hope you can make it out and say hello to Jeff Hoke and Clint Marsh at this year’s WonderCon, in San Francisco April 2–4.

18 February: Jeff Hoke is featured in the cover story of this week’s issue of Monterey County Weekly.

15 February: We have updated the Appearances and Events page with five new Wonderella events for 2010.

9 February: Wonderella Printed is very proud to announce the publication of Red Rock Black Sun, a new book tracing the desert wanderings of San Francisco artist and writer Will Cloughley.

17 January: The new issue of The Pamphleteer has been printed. Subscribers can expect their copies shortly, and all may read the reviews from this issue’s “Publications Received” column.

News for 2009

23 December: Happy Holidays from Wonderella Printed! May you rest in the company of loved ones and dream of all the wonders to come in the new year.

19 November: I'm back from the road and oh my goodness aren’t things busy here in the fantasy world I inhabit. A quick update is in order, and then I expect the next time you'll hear from me will be around Christmas.

We had a fantastic time at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco last month. Jeff Hoke and I hadn’t tabled at APE for years, but just like at WonderCon earlier this year we had such fun and met many friendly and astute people. APE was also the preview venue for a new Wonderella project by San Francisco artist Will Cloughley. I’m just dying to tell you all about it, but haven’t yet gotten all the words and pictures together. Soon!

A week after APE, I flew to New York for a short vacation and a chance to speak at Observatory, a new art space in Brooklyn. Jeff joined me out there and the two of us gave presentations on our books. I’d never done an “author appearance” before, and I found that having to write something coherent to say about The Mentalist’s Handbook gave me new levels of understanding of the book and all the experiences and factors that led to its creation. The people who run Observatory are a good lot, and you owe it to yourself to check out their work.

I’m piecing together several new small projects, including the long-awaited next issue of the Wonderella Printed catalog, a new Pamphleteer, and of course the year-end mailing from Bonita Hollow. If you’ve never received a copy of that last one and would like to, or if you fear you might have fallen off the mailing list, just drop me a line and I’ll see to it that you get a little Christmas cheer in your mailbox.

Got to get back to it all now. Keep in touch.

27 September: Aspiring mentalists and seekers of lost wonder take note: This October, Clint Marsh and Jeff Hoke will be making author appearances in San Francisco and New York City!

The weekend of October 17 and 18, Wonderella and The Museum of Lost Wonder will have tables at the Alternative Press Expo (APE), at the Concourse Pavilion in San Francisco, California.

And on Thursday, October 29, Clint and Jeff will present an evening of talks and discussion regarding their books and the inspirations behind them at Observatory in Brooklyn, New York.

Follow the links above for more information on each show. We look forward to seeing everyone who can make it out to say hello.

24 August: Congratulations to Jeff Hoke and Weiser Books! Independent Publisher Magazine has awarded The Museum of Lost Wonder the gold medal for “Best Graphic Novel, Drama/Documentary.”

18 August: We are very pleased to learn of the First Annual International Esoteric Book Conference, to be held this 19–20 September, in Seattle. Do go if you can and support this gathering of publishers, authors, and enthusiasts of occult publishing. Details can be found by following the banner link below.

27 July: The Pamphleteer has published a new issue. Get your copy to read about seven-year-old Clint Marsh’s close shave in the basement of his elementary school!

We have also added a review of the past year of The Cunningham Amendment to the Publications Received page.

2 July: The Mentalist's Handbook illustrator Jeff Hoke has manifested three new prints of various creatures from the book’s “Aetheric Beings” chapter. Seeing is believing!

26 June: Summer is here and so is the new issue of The Portable Head. The 32nd issue in our series of fortnight-at-a-glance calendars features a cover drawing by Franklin Booth, “In the Kingdom of Never-Grow-Old.” Learn more at The Portable Head page on our website.

6 May: The new issue of The Pamphleteer has been published and is available for preview and purchase at The Pamphleteer page. The reviews of other publishers’ works printed in this issue of the newsletter are now posted to the “Publications Received” page.

Additionally, pod-caster Joe Moore has posted his interview with Clint Marsh to his Occult Sentinel website. In the interview, Clint discusses the writing of The Mentalist’s Handbook, his earliest experiences with the unseen world, and how art and humor are crucial to understanding mentalism and the aether. Listen to the pod-cast or right-click to download it for later.

1 April: Our Wandering Wizards Welcome (By Appointment) pad of forms has proven popular with Abelard the Black, a noted specialist in hallucinatory terrain. See for yourself who’s coming to tea!

We are also happy to announce the publication of the new issue of The Portable Head, now available for purchase as a single issue or as the first installment of your annual subscription.

25 March: “It’s springtime again and you know what that means...” That’s how Reginald Bakeley starts off his best-selling pamphlet On Gnoming, before launching into his characteristic tirade against the “diminuitive devils.” But it’s not just gnomes that we need to watch out for. Now you can keep mischievous magic-makers in check, too, with Wandering Wizards Welcome (By Appointment), a new pad of forms from Wonderella Printed.

3 March: It was so nice to see all the new and familiar faces at WonderCon over the weekend. Thank you to everyone who stopped at the Museum of Lost Wonder booth and chatted, and special thanks to those who've been in touch since the convention's end or who've mentioned us on the web as a fond memory of their trip to WonderCon.

23 February: From the mind behind The Museum of Lost Wonder comes Tomb of Illumination, a deluxe folio recounting the history of a secret society that changed the world, and a scale-model of the society’s enigmatic founder. Learn more about this amazing new publication at the Tomb of Illumination page.

Wonderella artists Jeff Hoke and Clint Marsh will be exhibiting their works at WonderCon this weekend in San Francisco. Do come by and say hello if you can.

4 January : We are very happy to announce that subscriptions to The Portable Head are once again available through the Wonderella website. The new issue of the Head is No.30 and features a timeless painting from Jules Joseph Lefebvre.

We have also begun a weblog to record activities related to our publishing.

News for 2008

23 December: From Wonderella Printed and Clint Marsh to all of you, best wishes for a fantastic holiday season and a marvelous new year.

10 December: We have posted the latest book and pamphlet reviews from The Pamphleteer to the “Publications Received” page—help yourself!

8 December: Clint Marsh’s interview on Sunday Night Safran has been rescheduled for this coming weekend. Aspiring mentalists in Australia can tune in live—everyone else is welcome to listen to the archived podcast.

5 December: The third issue of The Pamphleteer is now available. In this issue, Clint Marsh tells how his family moved to a strange house in the woods when he was six, and what he found there.

1 December: Author of The Mentalist’s Handbook Clint Marsh will be interviewed this weekend on Sunday Night Safran, an Australian youth radio program about spirituality. Visit the program's website to subscribe to the podcast!

3 November: The Mentalist’s Handbook has elicited considerable response from readers since its publication this summer. Visit the Aetheric Correspondence page to read some of the letters we’ve received, as well as replies from author Clint Marsh.

27 October: Wonderella retailer Castle in the Air has launched a new online store featuring amazing craft supplies and gift items. Visit their shop today and step into a glittery wonderland!

15 October: Jeff Hoke has unveiled the 2009 edition of his amazing Museum of Lost Wonder wall calendar, based on the book of the same name and featuring historical tidbits from the history of the human imagination. Learn more or order your copy at the Museum of Lost Wonder Calendar page.

18 September: A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made it out to celebrate Wonderella Printed’s 15th anniversary. This really has been an incredible summer, and it was great to have you all there.

3 September: Berkeley wunderkama Castle in the Air has announced the unveiling of their exhibit in collaboration with Wonderella artist and renowned fairy hunter Reginald Bakeley. For information on this display of artifacts from the seelie and unseelie worlds, please visit our Bakeley Exhibit page.

19 August: This summer, Wonderella Printed celebrates 15 years of esoteric pamphleteering and a number of other momentous milestones. Whether you’re an old friend or a new reader, please feel free to come by Bonita Hollow to celebrate on Saturday, September 13. For party details, please visit the Open House page.

29 May: I am very happy to announce the publication of The Mentalist’s Handbook, which is now available in bookstores worldwide and right here at the Wonderella website. Please visit the book’s page for more details and ordering information.

2 May: Weiser Books has announced the sale of the Czech language rights to The Mentalist’s Handbook to Triton, a publisher in Prague, Czechoslovakia. The translated edition will not be published for at least a year, perhaps two. For information about books from this publisher, visit the Triton website.

25 April: I recently received a few advance copies of The Mentalist’s Handbook from Weiser—the book looks gorgeous! Even though it is a paperback, the Handbook was given a dustjacket so that the “Aetheric Beings” identification chart could be printed in a proper poster size. Visit the book’s page for a sneak peek.

17 March: The new issue of The Pamphleteer has been published. Read all about it on our Pamphleteer page. We’ve also reprinted this issue’s Publications Received column online for your perusal.

2 March: Wonderella Printed and Weiser Books invite you to draw back the veil between this world and the others and experience The Mentalist’s Handbook—An Explorer’s Guide to Astral, Spirit, and Psychic Worlds.

Written by Clint Marsh and illustrated by Jeff Hoke, The Mentalist’s Handbook collects the lessons published to date in The Camelopard Series. Longtime readers will enjoy having all the aetheric exercises from the pamphlets in one easy-to-use volume, and newcomers to the aetheric plane will appreciate being able to jump right into this mysterious and exciting realm.

The Mentalist’s Handbook will be published this June. Keep your third eye open for further announcements and ordering information.

News for 2007

24 December: Happy holidays to you and yours from Wonderella Printed!

In keeping with the festive winter mood, we are very happy to announce the re-publication of a Wonderella pamphlet from days gone by. Jeff Potter at Out Your Backdoor has reissued Phooka No.428—originally printed by Wonderella in winter of 1998—in a marvellous, fully authorized, book arts edtion.

This is the first time another hobbyist publisher has shown us their own take on a Wonderella pamphlet, and, simply put, it’s the highest compliment we’ve ever received for our work.

To learn more about this special edition, please visit the Out Your Backdoor website. Information about Phooka can be found in the Wonderella Archive.

29 November: Holiday shoppers take note—The Museum of Lost Wonder’s mailroom will be closed December 2–18, 2007. Lost Wonder orders received during this time will ship December 19. This temporary closing does not affect the shipping of non–Lost Wonder items (Little Wonder pamphlets, The Camelopard, The Pamphleteer, Snow-Bound, and Ogner Stump).

28 November: We have added a page reprinting reviews of Publications Received by The Pamphleteer.

24 November: The curious are invited to peep into Wonderella Printed’s workshop window by picking up a copy of The Pamphleteer, our newest work. This series previews essays and articles for upcoming Wonderella publications and discusses the history and current state of pamphleteering.

28 August: Wonderella is happy to announce the release of the 2008 Museum of Lost Wonder wall calendar. Published by Amber Lotus and available through this website, the calendar collects a dozen beautiful illustrations from Jeff Hoke’s book. Every day includes a relevant note from the history of the human imagination. What's more, the calendar includes a do-it-yourself model of the universe! Learn more at the Lost Wonder Calendar page.

26 July: The Little Wonder series of pamphlets celebrates its first new edition in six years with the publication of “Murphy’s Smear,” an account of the controversy surrounding the world’s only known sample of fairy phlegm. Read all about it (and order your copy) at the Little Wonder page.

10 May: We are very pleased to announce the publication of the next issue in the Camelopard series, “Mental Influence,” written by Clint Marsh. As always, the pamphlet contains information and exercises for aspiring mentalists and is adorned with illustrations from the incomparable Jeff Hoke. Learn more about this pamphlet by visiting the Camelopard page.

26 March: This morning, Jeff Hoke spoke with Michael Krasny, host of the radio interview program Forum. If you missed the episode, or if you’d like to hear it again, you can download it from the KQED website.

19 March: On Monday 26 March, Jeff Hoke will be a guest on the radio program “Forum,” discussing The Museum of Lost Wonder with host Michaeal Krasny. The interview begins at 10:00 am. Please visit the KQED website for information. At 1:00 pm that day, Jeff will make an appearance at Book Passage in Corte Madera.

15 February: We have sold through our stock of the 2007 Wonderella Printed wall calendar. Thank you to everyone who placed an order.

1 February: Readers of The Camelopard will be glad to read this excerpt from the next issue of the series, currently in production. The article instructs aspiring mentalists in using the aether for feats of telepathy.

6 January: Jeff Hoke will read from The Museum of Lost Wonder on Saturday, 27 January, in Los Angeles. Visit our events page for details.

1 January: Happy New Year! To celebrate the change of the seasons, Wonderella Printed and Sean Goblin present a striking 2007 wall calendar. Get your hands on one of these posters before they vanish like so much smoke.

News for 2006

23 December: Happy holidays from Wonderella Printed! May you spend the coming days surrounded by loved ones and the comforts of the season.

Museum of Lost Wonder Appearances
Jeff Hoke will be making two appearances in the coming days, the first of which is coming right up and is on television. See our Events and Appearances page for details.

20 November: The San Francisco Chronicle gave The Museum of Lost Wonder a nice capsule review today.

Also, we have posted the final three reviews for this year’s Wonderella Recommends column, “The Old Ways Are Best.”

13 November: In anticipation of the coming holiday season, Wonderella announces the release of Snow-Bound, A Winter Idyl. Information on this special publication can be found in the “Our Pamphlets” section of the Wonderella website.

11 October: Fans of The Museum of Lost Wonder can learn more about the book and its origins in a new video on the YouTube website.

21 August: Jeff Hoke’s official website has been updated to include an interactive tour through the Museum of Lost Wonder. Explore this fantastic environment and learn even more about the Museum.

Jeff has also announced two additional readings in northern California in October. See the Appearances and Events page for details.

8 August: Jeff Hoke will be reading from The Museum of Lost Wonder at the Jack London Square branch of Barnes & Noble on 28 September at 7:30 pm. We hope to see you there! (More information)

15 July: We are incredibly excited to announce the release of The Museum of Lost Wonder, the gorgeous new hardcover book which collects and re-examines material from the popular Guide to Lost Wonder pamphlet series. Published by Weiser Books, this tome is available for purchase via Wonderella Printed.

Learn more about The Museum of Lost Wonder by visiting its page in the new “Our Books” section of the Wonderella website.

* * * * *

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