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The Thought-Clouds
of Telepathy

* * * * *

So far in your studies of mentalism we have only touched on the topic of telepathy, the aetheric method of communication. Here we will go into how a person’s thoughts appear in the aether and how they can be sent and received with ease.

When we talk to one another face-to-face in everyday life, we use the medium of speech. In such a conversation, ideas are transmitted through the use of words spoken by one person and heard by another. Additionally, many unspoken messages are transferred between people through body language, context, and tone of voice. On the aetheric plane, we have no need for such material-world conventions as speech and gesture, but there are other means by which we can converse. There, a thought emanates not audibly from our mouths but visibly from our personal aether—the aether which makes up what we call our “self.” Usually this emanation occurs around the head-portion of the personal aether, but thoughts can also be seen coming from other areas such as the hands, the stomach, or the sex organs, depending on the nature of the idea. Once you are able to see thoughts this way, you may be amazed at how clear conversation becomes!

As such, our thoughts radiate, cloudlike, from ourselves into the space around us. Weak or frivolous thoughts, such as internal commentary about things or people seen on the street, evaporate almost immediately, dissipating like mist and leaving us with scant memory of ever having thought them. Remember, though, that nothing ever vanishes completely on the aetheric plane. Just like matter in the physical world, in this parallel place there is only so much aether, and while a portion of the stuff may change shape, color, size, and even function, traces of its previous embodiments always remain. Strong thoughts, such as ruminations on significant occurrences in our lives, hover around our bodies like clouds, sometimes wrapping themselves around us more in the manner of a cloak, or imprint themselves on our aetheric bodies such that we cannot be seen without our thoughts there, plain as day and perhaps less than flattering—“written across our face,” as it were. We can be free of these thoughts and their effects only through intense personal work. The strongest of thoughts may never detach completely from our personal aether, and can preoccupy our thoughts to the point of distracting us from everyday existence. Storms of frivolous thought can do this, too. When we are “lost in the clouds” in this way while walking, we may trip over a stone in the road. If driving a car, we may not notice that the stoplight has turned to red.

Our thoughts are at their strongest the moment we think them. Once we become aware of a thought, it has already begun the process of detaching itself from our personal aether and moving into the surrounding space. We speed this departure markedly when we blurt out our every thought to those around us, but the truth is that any communication—every bit of speech or gesture, every piece of artwork—has a dissociating effect on our thought and dilutes its potency as something purely our own. Although to be fair, in the aether there is very little that we can truly call our own, either.

As an aspiring mentalist, you will do well to notice your thoughts at the moment of their inception, in the hopes of making clearer mental imagery to send through the aether. Practice holding your thoughts at the forefront of your mind without expressing them in speech or any form of gesture. As you continue this practice, pause to reflect on each thought you are holding. What are the qualities of the thought? Use your knowledge of the aether to apply visual aspects such as shape and color to the thought. Once you are able to do this as second nature, you will be ready to try the following experiment.

Arrange to meet with a friend, preferably one who is interested in mentalism and is at about the same point in his or her aetheric studies. Have a simple conversation together. Talk about everyday activities such as grocery shopping or washing the dishes. This conversation should have no more than four or five statements from each person. With each statement you make out loud, form a mental image out of the corresponding thought and send it forth, away from your personal aether toward your friend. They should do the same. Keep track of your impressions of your friend’s statements as they make them and note any aetheric observations you have about the images they are sending you. This is not a simple exercise, as it requires not just powerful thinking as well as thinking about thinking, but also thinking about another person’s thoughts on thinking. If you try this experiment a number of times with your friend, and again a few times with another friend, you will understand not only how to better notice thoughts in the aether, but you will also begin to see how one person’s thoughts look and feel different from another’s.

The Unspoken Message
Is there someone in your life whom you talk with every day, someone you live with or work with, perhaps? Maybe a bus driver or someone who works at a coffee shop you visit on a daily basis? You can test your ability to send telepathic messages with this person. It is important not to let them know you are doing anything of the sort, however, as this will influence the experiment.

The next time you speak with this person, bring a simple message to the forefront of your thoughts, something brief and clear and appropriate to the setting in which you know them. For a store clerk or a bus driver you might think, “Ask me about my handbag.” For someone you live or work with you could think, “Buy us some flowers.” You must think this same thought exactly several times, so keep it as simple as possible. After you have finished your regular conversation with that person and have said goodbye, think the thought again while visualizing the person’s face. Send this same thought into the aether several times while you two are apart, each time seeing the person’s face in your mind. Say it a few times just before you see them again the next day, and once more when you’re speaking with them. Don’t bring up the object of your thought in your spoken conversation with them. If they do ask you about your handbag or bring in flowers, you’ll know that your message may have been received. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can tell them about your experiment. Try another and see what happens!

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