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An Exercise in Elemental Vibration

* * * * *

It is our preoccupation with the material representation of the elements that keeps us from experiencing their subliminal antecedents. If you can use meditation and visualization to move from a material understanding of an elemental substance such as soil to an aetheric understanding of the same material, you will be that much closer to your preliminary travels from the material plane.

Gather some soil on a plate and sit in front of it at the table, as if you were about to eat it for dinner. Without touching the stuff, do a thorough examination of the soil. Use your senses of sight and smell, and where your senses fail you, let your imagination fill in the blanks.

What do you know about soil? What are its properties? What are its limitations? What is soil made of? What separates it from the rest of the world? If soil represents the element of earth, how is it different from a flame, a glass of water, and a breeze, each a representative of another element?

If you have been staring intently at the soil and thinking of these questions for more than five minutes, you will no doubt have already entered a sort of meditative state. Notice your breathing, and let your mind focus on the soil before you. You are using the meditation skills presented learned in the previous pamphlet, "The Nature of Aether."

Continue your examination as you meditate, and try not to move. Soil is immobile. It rests, supports the living things above, below, and within it. Take slow, deep breaths and feel your consciousness coming closer to the nature of the soil.

Now close your eyes and meditate upon the new discoveries you've made about soil. What would it be like to be made of this stuff? Breathe, and as you do, focus your consciousness on your breath. With each breath you gain more of the rich, earthy, solid qualities of the soil. Your consciousness is slowing down, coming closer to the sub-material vibration of the elemental plane of earth. Can you feel it?

Of course you can. Remain at this reduced vibratory frequency for a few minutes before slowly bringing your consciousness back to a normal material vibration. It is best to ease back into material consciousness, slowly envisioning your limbs and internal organs changing from rock and soil to flesh and blood.

Once you are back in your regular body and frame of mind, write down your thoughts regarding your elemental vibrational experience. If you like, you may send a copy of your notes to the editor in care of this publication.

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