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The Body's
Aetheric Links


* * * * *

You and I would be hard pressed to live a full life without complete use of our hands, feet, eyes, and other parts of our bodies. This is also true of life on the aetheric plane. Concentrated vortices of energy in vital parts of the aetheric body allow us to move and interact with others in the aether. These vortices are called "aetheric links," and in this essay we will explore each of them.

The aetheric links are in many ways similar to the chakras described in Eastern mysticism. In fact, some of the links exist in the same place in our bodies as the chakras. Like the chakras, the links are centers of vital energy that serve to collect and distribute aetheric energy. In mentalism, the functions of the links can be very dynamic, freeing our aetheric bodies for astral flight and allowing us to perform psychisms like telekinesis.

There are 10 aetheric links in the human body. The uppermost link is located in the center of the forehead. There are two more aetheric links in the head, one in each eye. Three aetheric links are in the human torso-one in the center of the chest, another just behind the navel, the third within the sex organs. The final four aetheric links are located in the hands and feet. So even though there are 10 links, there are only seven types of links. This is important to note, as it is easy to focus doubly on the development of your paired links (in the feet and hands) to the neglect of the single ones elsewhere.

Each aetheric link is infinitesimally small, occupying a space the size of the tiniest point imaginable. But as you know, size matters little in the aether, and in fact sometimes the smallest things have the most potential for power, as so much energy can be focused on them.

In visualizing the aetheric links, you should think of each one in the shape of a narrow cone that has its flat part flush to the surface of your skin, tapering to a point within your body. This helps you to visualize the aether flowing to and from each link. In reality, though, each aetheric link is an exact point of aether inside you, whose influence radiates outward each in its own particular direction.

Just as your material body uses its different parts to perform different tasks, so your aetheric body uses each link for a specific set of purposes. Here is a breakdown of the aptitudes of each aetheric link:

The Forehead Link: The forehead link is the one used to project your will upon the aether directly around you, and is used in short range (also called "local") feats of telekinesis, telepathy, and other psychisms. It is also the link by which we lead our aetheric bodies through the aether, much as we lead an animal on a leash. Other psychic systems have called this link "the third eye."

The Eye Links: The aetheric links in our eyes are arguably the most useful when performing mentalism, as they are the links through which all our senses-not just sight but all the others as well-operate. The eye links are used to visualize the aetheric plane, and provide help with all related visualization techniques such as the solidification and transformation of aether.

The Chest Link: Astral projection is one of the most marvelous feats of the mentalist, and it is facilitated by the aetheric chest link. Personal aether is expelled from this link-which is nestled behind the center of the sternum-to form astral bodies that may travel independently in the aether. The chest link draws these forms back into the aetheric body when their journeys are at their end.

The Navel Link: Resting just behind the navel, this aetheric link serves a similar function to the stomach, taking aether of one sort and transforming and dividing it into something more useful for the aetheric body. The navel receives the mentalist's personal aether from the sex organ link and external aether from the hand links.

The Sex Organ Link: The sex organ link concerns itself chiefly with the collection and concentration of personal aether from within the body. It gathers aether and prepares it for transformation by the navel link. This link is located just above the testes of the male mentalist and within the uterus of the female.

The Hand Links: The hand links are the points from which mental influence can extend the furthest to affect change in the aether. They are located just inside the flesh of the center of each palm, and are used in long-range (or "distant") feats of psychism, much as the forehead link is used for more localized feats. Hand links are also used to draw external aether near the mentalist, and to gather it for use by the other aetheric links.

The Foot Links: These links are located just under the skin of the center of the soles of each foot. Their sole (ahem) function is to ground the aetheric body partially in the material world, so that no matter what happens during an aetheric session, the aetheric body can always find its way home.

Here is an experiment that helps you attune to your aetheric links. Begin with a 10 minute breathing meditation using the techniques you learned in "The Nature of Aether." Once you have relaxed completely, focus your thoughts on your forehead. Breathe in slowly, and as you do, visualize a rapidly swirling sphere of blue light floating inside your head, just behind your forehead, like a fireball in your brain. Concentrate on this sphere for about a minute. It glows brighter when you breathe in, as if you were imbuing it with energy. Between breaths the sphere glows steady and continues to swirl. As you breathe out it burns brighter still, just as small fires that benefit from a soft blow.

After concentrating on your forehead link for a minute or so, move your concentration to your chest, imagining another blue sphere behind your breastbone. Concentrate on it like you did your forehead link, remembering to watch it glow surge with light as you inhale and exhale.

Continue your visualizations with the navel and sex organ links. When you are through, let the last sphere fade in your mind and return to just breathing for a few minutes.

Now it's time to visualize the paired links in the eyes, feet, and hands. Picture the eye links as balls of blue flame that exist in the same place as your eyes. This will probably be a little overwhelming at first, but take your time and soon you'll have a good grasp on it. The hand links should be visualized as roiling, fiery spheres that exist half inside and half outside your hands. The feet links are similar, burning half inside and half outside of the center of the soles of your feet. Concentrate on each pair for a minute or so, just like you have for the others.

It can be tricky, but it's vital that you're able to concentrate on any of the two simultaneously. When you try to visualize your hand links, for example, don't attempt to split your concentration into the two specific points. Just think, "hands." It's the same as using our material hands-when we want to do something with them we can concentrate on their combined actions. In the same way, we shouldn't be limited to just the use of one aetheric hand at a time.

As you become more comfortable and skilled with your hand links, you'll come to possess a certain amount of ambidexterity. That's something most of us don't have even in our material bodies!

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